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Commission Info

PRICES (NOTE 1: Book cover/illustrating prices vary. Contact me at for details) (NOTE 2: Shipping outside the US increases shipping prices) (NOTE 3: I can draw in almost any style available if you like – manga/anime, the style of your favorite artist, etc. Just specify, and I’ll do my best!)

– One Character –

Prices are negotiable for sketches, depending on how much of a character you want shown, whether you want a sketch sheet, how many characters, etc.


-One Character-

Note: Adding a border to the picture increases the price by $10 USD

Black-and-white lineart drawing (no nature elements): $15USD

Black-and-white  lineart drawing (nature elements): $20 USD

Black-and-white Pencil drawing cleaned and shaded (no nature elements): $25 USD

Black-and-white Pencil drawing cleaned and shaded (nature elements): $40 USD

Colored Pencil drawing cleaned and shaded (no nature elements): $50 USD

Colored Pencil drawing cleaned and shaded (nature elements): $70 USD

– Realistic Portrait –

Lineart: $20 USD

Cleaned and Shaded: $50

-Logo Design-

Bold Ink Lineart – $50 USD

-Any additional characters will increase the price–please ask first. Sketch pages are also available, but have to be discussed beforehand. Prices are negotiable, and may vary depending on subject, setting, and characters. I do not draw free requests.

Blank Cards –

These come in all sorts of things – pencil, ink, color – I wanted to have something less expensive and more unique and special.

Black-and-white drawing – $5

Color drawing – $10

I will draw almost anything you ask, but there are some things I will not draw:

Tattoo work

Devils or satanic themes


Occult symbols/rituals, or pagan themes

Nudity/suggestive poses/immodesty (i.e. too revealing such as plunging necklines/bare midriffs/etc.)

Guns/robots/machinery (I will draw weaponry) or complicated building/city settings (to see the extent of what I will draw in this area, go to [link])

Plain Forests/Landscapes/Scenery, etc.


You will receive several scans of the picture as I draw it, so that you can make any personal changes. You will receive the original drawing by mail (9×12 Bristol Board, unless you specify a different size i.e. 4×6, etc). You will be allowed to post the image for your own personal and non-profit use online, including the right to crop or alter it for signatures, headers, backgrounds, etc.

All work must be prepaid (I only accept checks/cash at the moment).
You can contact me through e-mail –

If I accept your commission, I will give you my address/additional information and we can take it from there. Shipping charges are NOT included in the original price.

Drawings are shipped flat in a rigid mailer.

Please Note: I retain the rights to all drawings unless prior arrangement is made for otherwise. Exclusive or joint copyrights can be purchased for an additional fee. Once payment is received it is final; no refunds unless I become physically unable to complete your request. I have the right to refuse any commission based on religious morals, subject, lack of time, or any other reason. Please respect my artwork policies.

Thank you!

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