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Thomas the Rhymer

June 24, 2011

A sketch of Thomas the Rhymer, inspired by Stephanie Pui-mun Law’s little thumbnail of him. I want to re-do this in a bigger, finished picture because I love how it’s turning out!

Sir Thomas was born in Erceldoune (also spelled Ercildoune – presently Earlston), Berwickshire, sometime in the 13th century, and has a reputation as the author of many prophetic verses. Little is known for certain of his life but two charters from 1260–80 and 1294 mention him, the latter referring to the “Thomas de Ercildounson son and heir of Thome Rymour de Ercildoun”.[5]

Popular esteem of Thomas lived on for centuries after his death, to the extent that several people have fabricated Thomas’ “prophecies” in order to further the cause of Scottish independence.[5] His reputation for supernatural powers for a time rivalled that of Merlin. Thomas became known as “True Thomas” because he could not tell a lie. Popular lore recounts how he prophesied many great events in Scottish history.


The First Unicorn

June 21, 2011

I sketched this earlier and was really happy with the way it turned out. Everybody’s always talking about the Last unicorn, but why not the first?

Prices Updated

May 1, 2011

My prices were extremely low, and weren’t quite covering the cost of supplies/time, etc.

So, I’ve upped the price a little – not a whole lot, but some. I hope I still get orders… *glances sideways* Anyway, a lovely day to you all =D


April 23, 2011

Hello, folks!

I have decided to start selling custom-drawn blank cards for $5 a card + shipping.

Lots of people WANT artwork, but can’t afford an actual commission, so I thought this would be

a good way to rectify the situation. They’ll also make cool gifts for friends and family, as you can have (almost) whatever you want drawn on them =)

~ Mirriam

Commissions Open Again

April 2, 2011

Whew, it’s been a while!

I was commissioned to draw a picture for the Homepage of Aletheia’s Hollow, a new site (offshoot of Aletheia Magazine). Nick Muzekari, the ‘chief’ of Aletheia, wanted to use my drawing of a sleeping lady, but Port Yonder Press claimed it for their Elf Anthology coming out later this year.

Anyway, commissions are open again, any kind you want! Just read through the commission info and contact me with what you want – sketch sheet, detailed, manga, etc.

Commissions Open – Valentine’s Day Sale!

January 26, 2011

All commissions have free shipping through Valentine’s Day!!

Commissions Closed for Christmas – mostly.

December 17, 2010

I’m so busy with commissions and illustrations for Port Yonder Press’ Book of Elves and Aletheia magazine illustrations and drawing commissions for people that I can’t take any more commissions before Christmas, unless you want sketch sheets of a character of yours, etc.

I’ll re-open in January.

See Commissions Page for info.